TriMet Negotiations and COVID-19 Update

Union Leadership and Transportation Executive Board Officers met with TriMet yesterday. We communicated to them that the membership had spoken, and we were not interested in their am/pm board proposal. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!

We are happy to report that we did come to an agreement that creates a committee focused on route scheduling and operator assignments. While this alone may not seem like a big win, it is a move in the right direction: giving you a voice, and a seat at the table, when decisions are made that affect you.

In addition, we had in-depth conversations concerning road relief and SIPs. While we have yet to see an acceptable proposal on either of these topics, we at least saw a sliver of hope today, and will keep exchanging proposals.

For those of you that have done the math, yes, our 150 days is up. We are sure many of you are wondering why we have not declared impasse. While we have not seen very promising movement from TriMet, we are not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.

It is important to note that we are currently waiting on Employees Relations Board’s (ERB) decision regarding our Apprenticeship Proposals, and whether or not the existence of the Apprenticeships is a mandatory subject of bargaining. We strongly believe that it is a mandatory subject of bargaining, and that ERB will find the same. Therefore, we believe it will be beneficial to wait until after we get ERB’s decision to make the decision of whether, or when, to declare impasse.

We want to address one more thing: COVID-19, or Coronavirus. We know that many of you are fearful and have many questions. We have demanded to bargain with TriMet over their policy, which we have communicated to them is unacceptable. How, after all, are bus drivers and maintenance workers supposed to practice “Social Distancing” or work from home?! We will keep you posted. In the meantime, please see ATU’s guidelines on our website and Facebook page.

If you are sick or have a sick family member, do not be afraid to stay home. If you are in time-loss trouble and find yourself needing to stay home due to COVID-19, please let your union rep know as soon as you can. Don’t wait and see if TriMet is going to discipline you.

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