Changes to UnitedHealthCare coverage for over-65 retirees 2018-01-09T12:24:38-08:00

If you’re an ATU 757 retiree, over 65 years of age, and enrolled in the UnitedHealthCare plan, you’ll be seeing some big – and very positive – changes to your insurance coverage in 2018. UnitedHealthCare has already begun mailing notices about these changes to individual members, but for your convenience, we wanted to provide them here on our website, as well.

The most important document is the first one, the 2018 “Annual Notice of Changes.” Starting on page 5 of that document, you can see the major changes to your coverage in 2018, from your deductible, to your out-of-pocket maximum, to the cost of specific health care services. For the most part, these changes should mean that you pay less out of your own pocket for care.

If you have any questions about your health coverage under the new TriMet contract, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Union Hall at (503) 232-9144.

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