Change to TriMet SOP B903, Collision and Incident Procedures

TriMet operators, you may have seen this posted on TriNet, but we want to make sure everyone is aware: there has been a change to SOP B903, Collision and Incident Procedures.

Several months ago, TriMet management unilaterally decided to change B903 without consulting the Union. We immediately submitted a demand to bargain to the company, and we then worked with TriMet to negotiate the language you see in the updated SOP.

The relevant change is on the first page of the document below, in the paragraph labeled “IMPORTANT NOTE.” The major change is that, if an operator is relieved on the road after a collision or incident, that operator is not scheduled to return to the garage at the end of their shift, and if a supervisor is not available to take a report, then the operator will be allowed to submit the report by the beginning of their next scheduled work assignment.

Operators who are involved in traumatic events or are injured in a collision/incident will be allowed to complete and submit the report “as soon as possible.”

The updated SOP is included in full below, and is available on TriNet. If you have any questions about this change to B903, please consult your local officers, or call the Union Hall at (503) 232-9144.

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