Building a Campaign to Stop Assaults on Transit Workers

Assaults and attacks against operators are on the rise. Every day, bus and rail operators across Oregon and southern Washington are punched, kicked, spit on, verbally harassed, menaced, and more. Our Local has tried to [...]

Worker’s guide to heat safety

Dear brothers and sisters - it's scorching hot all over Oregon and southern Washington, and the temperature's over 100 degrees in the Portland metro area. One member recorded a temperature of nearly 110 degrees inside [...]

What Oregon’s new distracted driving law means for transit workers

Oregon's new distracted driving law took effect yesterday, and it means that using a cell phone, hand-held two-way radio, or other hand-held electronic device while you're driving can earn you a huge fine - $260 [...]

New USDOT drug testing guidelines

Sisters & brothers, please see an advisory from ATU International below - the US Department of Transportation is expected to add four semi-synthetic opioid painkillers (hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone) to DOT's drug-screening list, the [...]

Stress & stress-related illness are epidemic among transit workers

We're still gathering the facts about reports of an altercation between a bus driver and passenger in Estacada which appeared on social media this week. It would be inappropriate for ATU to comment on this [...]

TriMet Lift driver fired for answering call of nature

We've said it before and we'll unfortunately have to say it again - no transit worker should ever face discipline or termination for simply answering the call of nature. We encourage you to read this [...]

Tips & Tricks to Survive the Eclipse

Sisters & brothers, we've been getting questions about what operators should expect during the eclipse on Monday. Thankfully, AAA has put together a guide for what to expect, and we want to flag a few [...]

House Bill 2717

Increases penalties for assault committed against employee of mass transit district or transpor-tation district if employee is assaulted while acting within scope of employment. Punishes by maxi-mum of five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. [...]

ATU International Operator Survey on Assaults

In conjunction with the release of the video on Operator Assaults, President Hanley is asking for all of our operators to take part in this survey: OPERATOR ASSAULT SURVEY>>

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