Candidates for ATU 757 Offices

This past Monday was the nomination meeting for candidates for union office for the 2018 ATU 757 election. For your information, below is a list of all candidates for top executive office as well as Executive Board and Liaison Officer candidates for each property. For a handful of positions, no candidate filed to run; these positions will be filled by appointment, by whomever is elected President-Business Representative. Candidates who are running unopposed are considered to be the incoming, duly-elected officers for those positions.

Ballots for all races will be counted by TrueBallot on Wednesday, June 13th, and your union staff will post results as soon as receive them.

Candidates for ATU 757 Officers

President-Business Representative
Henry Beasley
Shirley Block
Christopher Day
Bruce Hansen
Heidi Shelton

Vice President-Assistant Business Representative
Gordon Duncan
Jon Hunt
John H. Wold

Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Mary Longoria
Ryan Viken

Bend Liaison Officer
Joe Zimmer

C-Tran Executive Board Officer
James Bennett
Joe Hendrix

C-Tran Fixed Route Liaison Officer
Halimah Hatchett
Kevin Hogan

C-Tran Represented Staff Liaison Officer
Bonnie Woodring

C-Tran C-Van Liaison Officer
Gail Bennett

Central Or. Intergov. Council Liaison Officer
Jacob Foster

Corvallis City Transit Liaison Officer
John Oliver

Corvallis Schools Liaison Officer
No candidate filed – subject to appointment by next President-Business Representative

Portland Public Schools Contractor Executive Board Officer
Anna M. Tompte

Portland Public Schools Contractor Liaison Officer
R. Alex Smith III

TriMet Lift Region 1 Liaison Officer
Warren Hoeft

TriMet Lift Region 2 Liaison Officer
Cathy Redwine

TriMet Lift-Region 3 Liaison Officer
Matt Leist

Lane Transit District Executive Board Officer
Jonathan Boldon
Bill Bradley
John R. Gelsomino Jr.

Lane Transit District Secretary Liaison Officer
John B. Hampton

Lane Transit District Extra Board Liaison Officer
Lora Rangel

Lane Transit District Fleet Services Liaison Officer
No candidate filed – subject to appointment by next President-Business Representative

Salem-Keizer Contracted Services Liaison Officer
Joshua Taverne

Canby Liaison Officer
Jason Patterson

Portland Public Schools Executive Board Officer
Jimmy Appelhanz

Rogue Valley Transportation District Liaison Officer
Stephen D. Bishop

Salem-Keizer Transit District Executive Board Officer
Mikel Burke

Salem-Keizer Transit Maintenance Liaison Officer
Zack Leeth

Tillamook Country Transportation District Liaison Officer
No candidate filed – subject to appointment by next President-Business Representative

TriMet Center Street Transportation Executive Board Officer
Darin Hagey
Charles A. Stidham

TriMet Extra Board Center Street Liaison Officer
Elizabeth Buckwalter
Robert Woodward

TriMet Center Street Maintenance Executive Board Officer
Kevin Kinoshita

TriMet Merlo Transportation Executive Board Officer
Linda Jauron-Mills
Michael McCurry

TriMet Extra Board Merlo Liaison Officer
Mark Harris
Gene Marsh, Jr.

TriMet Merlo Maintenance Executive Board Officer
Kerry Montgomery
Geff Worland

TriMet Powell Transportation Executive Board Officer
Khris Alexander
Novell Reed

TriMet Extra Board Powell Liaison Officer
Randy Whitehill

TriMet Powell Maintenance Executive Board Officer
Mike Francois

TriMet Light Rail Transportation Executive Board Officer
Anthony Forrester
Terrance Howard

TriMet Ruby Junction Transportation Liaison Officer
Jean Strickland

TriMet Elmonica Transportation Liaison Officer
Tom Ruiz Jr.

Portland Street Car Transportation Liaison Officer
Evette Farra

TriMet Light Rail Maintenance Executive Board Officer
Joe E. Ruffin III

TriMet Ruby Junction Maintenance Liaison Officer
Jody Moulton

TriMet Elmonica Maintenance Liaison Officer
Douglas Eckholt

TriMet Represented Staff Executive Board Officer
Jason Bynon
Frederick Casey
Alina Clark
Bruce Duncan

Valley Transit Association Liaison Officer
Mark Brotherton