Building a Campaign to Stop Assaults on Transit Workers

Assaults and attacks against operators are on the rise. Every day, bus and rail operators across Oregon and southern Washington are punched, kicked, spit on, verbally harassed, menaced, and more. Our Local has tried to raise this issue with local media, to no avail. Our requests to hold dialogue with local law enforcement agencies and police unions have so far gotten no response. It seems that part of the reason is that nobody believes that this issue really is as widespread as ATU members know it is.

To fight back against the silence and ensure that we can get the public to take these assaults and attacks seriously, we need to share our stories directly with the public. If you or someone you know has been assaulted or attacked on the job and would be open to sharing that story with the Union and the wider public, please contact our Communications Coordinator Andrew Riley at, or by calling us at (503) 232-9144. We know that it can be hard to talk about this, and we’d like to work with you to share that story in a way that’s most comfortable for you, whether that’s through a written testimony, audio interview, or video.

We’re also working with our Executive Board Policy Committee to develop legislation to combat assaults on transit workers in the Oregon Legislature. Please stay tuned for more details of that campaign, and let’s be ready to stand up together for safety and security on transit!