ATU Orientation at TriMet

Once again, we have found ourselves in a situation where everything was going fine until Randy Stedman showed up. This morning ATU 757 President and Vice President, along with your maintenance Executive Board Officers, were ready to go pick up newly hired service workers and apprentices for orientation. This orientation had been scheduled by TriMet for today. Silly us, the entire group, including office staff, rescheduled our days to make this orientation possible.

After TriMet scheduled a three and a half hour “ATU Visit” during TriMet new hire orientation and training schedule, they have now refused to honor it. ATU planned to bring the new members to the Union Hall and have them back to Center Street by 4:30, as documented in TriMet’s schedule. TriMet later informed us that new hires would not be compensated for this time. Again, time that TriMet scheduled for them. But that’s not it. TriMet went on to inform us that we would not be able to bring the new hires to the Hall, but would have to hold our orientation on TriMet property. against our best judgment, the Union agreed to this. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end.

At one point TriMet management announced that ATU 757 would not be able to provide any orientation today, and that what had once been called on their own schedule “ATU visit” would now be whittled down to TriMet passing out the location of the Union Hall, and instructing new hires to go to the Hall on their own time.

TriMet eventually offered to allow 15 minutes for the Union to come to Center Street and give a new hire orientation. This is unacceptable, and the Union will not be going to Center Street today. New hires deserve, and need, to know information about their Union representation. They need to know about Weingarten Rights, where their dues go, who their representatives are, how to navigate the apprenticeship program, healthcare, child and elder care, and so much more. Fifteen minutes is just not enough time to give them all of the information they need.

The Union was hopeful about this new hire orientation. We genuinely thought that TriMet was offering an olive branch, and we could start to put this very serious issue behind us. Unfortunately, we were wrong.


Shirley Block

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