Members approve Tentative Agreement between ATU and TriMet

Sisters & brothers, we have the news you’ve been waiting for: eligible voters at TriMet have APPROVED the Tentative Agreement between ATU 757 and the company! The overall vote was 1220 in favor to 68 opposed, or 94.7% in support. Voter turnout was 52.3%, out of 2461 eligible voters.

The vote breakdown by division is:

Operations: 784 in favor, 38 opposed (95.3% in favor)
Maintenance: 291 in favor, 29 opposed (90.9% in favor)
Salaried and other: 145 in favor, 1 opposed (99.3% in favor)

Additionally, we discovered a small number of fraudulent ballots which are obviously not included in the totals above. We’re extremely disappointed that anyone would attempt to influence the outcome of a critical vote of the membership.

Now that members of the bargaining unit have approved the Agreement, it goes to TriMet’s Board of Directors for their consideration and approval. We expect that the Board will take this up at their December 13th meeting, and we’ll be sure to let members know when that’s confirmed.

To review the Tentative Agreement and a summary of its major provisions, please visit If you have any questions about the Agreement, please contact your local union officers, or call the Union Hall at (503) 232-9144.

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