ATU-Cherriots Joint Letter

Dear Fellow Employee:

In this fight against this pandemic, social distancing is proving to be one of best weapons to mitigate the spread of COVI D-19.

Governor Brown issued an executive order that everyone maintain social distancing of six feet from any person who is not a member of their immediate household.

We are enforcing a uniform way to protect one another and are putting a number of reminders and safeguards in place to ensure compliance with social distancing standards. On March 18, we implemented a rear door entry and exit only policy on the buses and that will continue. We are marking, at six feet increments, where riders can stand while waiting for their bus at transit centers. Seating on buses will now be limited. Bus interiors have been measured and available seats will be
spaced for social distancing.

In break rooms and other common areas, all employees must maintain a six foot distance from the next person. To enforce this, we have removed some tables and seating and placed them in a more spacious area that allows for greater distancing. All of these measures will be reinforced with signage on the buses and monitor notifications in the break rooms.

These are unprecedented times for our world, our lives, and our industry. We all need to take seriously our role in preventing the spread of this disease.

Joint Letter

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