ATU Calls On U.S. Governors

This week, International President John Costa wrote a letter to every U.S. governor to request that frontline transit workers be prioritized in the first rounds of the COVID-19 vaccines. After hundreds of frontline transit workers – including 94 ATU members – have died and thousands more have been infected from COVID-19, Costa urged the governors to provide early vaccine access to ATU members. “The least we can do as a nation is to recognize the sacrifices that these workers and their families have made during this health crisis by providing them with early access to the coronavirus vaccines and to make it available to them,” Costa wrote. “It is the right thing to do for the workers and it’s in the best interest of the millions of people — big and small — who rely on their services.” Costa also told governors that the ATU and members can play a critical role in logistics for administration of the vaccines by transporting people to medical facilities as well as transporting medical personnel, equipment and the vaccines to the population at large.

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