ATU 757’s Endorsements for the November 2018 Election

Ballots are being sent out in Oregon and Washington, and they should be hitting your mailboxes in the next couple of days. ATU 757 has endorsed candidates in races across the communities we serve, and we’ve also taken a position on several statewide and local ballot measures in Oregon. Below, you will find a list of all of the candidates we have endorsed, the positions we’ve taken on key ballot measures, and an explanation of our endorsement process.

How do we make these endorsement decisions?

First, a candidate for office or ballot measure campaign requests ATU’s official endorsement. For candidates, we immediately ask them to fill out a questionnaire which asks them about key issues concerning public transit and labor – for example, what will you do to stop the epidemic of assaults against transit workers? For ballot measure campaigns, we ask them to submit materials which address why ATU 757 should take the position that they’re advocating.

Once we receive the questionnaire and materials back from the campaign or candidate, we schedule an in-person interview with ATU members. In high-profile statewide races, that’s usually the Executive Board or the union’s full-time executive leaders (President, Vice President, and Financial Secretary-Treasurer). In local races, we typically ask the candidate to appear at a member Continuation meeting, or they meet separately with members who live in that area and have volunteered to help interview the candidate.

After those interviews, the question of an endorsement goes to our Executive Board. E-Board members discuss the candidate and all of the materials they’ve received, and if there’s a motion to endorse them (or to take a position one way or the other on a ballot measure), then the E-Board will vote.

After that, members are asked to ratify or reject the E-Board’s recommendation at our Charter and Continuation meetings. After we tally the votes, we have our official endorsement decision.

ATU’s endorsements for the 2018 General Election – UPDATED November 1st, 2018

Below you will find the Executive Board-recommended, member-approved list of candidates we have endorsed in the 2018 November General Election, as well as the positions we’ve taken on ballot measures. There are a handful of candidates who will be considered by our Executive Board on Monday, October 22nd. We will publish the follow-up list of candidates on Monday, October 29th, once our members have had a chance to weigh in.

Oregon Candidates

  • Kate Brown, Oregon Governor

Oregon Senate

  • James Manning, Oregon State Senator, District 7 (Eugene)
  • Charles Gallia, Oregon State Senator, District 20 (Oregon City)
  • Chrissy Reitz, Oregon State Senator, District 26 (Hood River and far east Multnomah County)

Oregon House of Representatives

  • Marty Wilde, Oregon House of Representatives, District 11 (Eugene)
  • Julie Fahey, Oregon House of Representatives, District 14 (West Eugene and Junction City)
  • Rob Nosse, Oregon House of Representatives, District 42 (Portland)
  • Chris Gorsek, Oregon House of Representatives, District 49 (Troutdale)

Local County and City Races

  • Heather Buch, Lane County Commission, District 5 (East Lane County)
  • Shelaswau Crier, Marion County Commission, Position 1
  • Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland City Council, Position 3
  • Jason Snider, Mayor of Tigard

Oregon Statewide Ballot Measures

  • YES on Measure 102 (Affordable Housing)
  • NO on Measure 103 (Grocery Taxes)
  • NO on Measure 104 (Supermajority for Revenue)
  • NO on Measure 105 (Repeal Sanctuary Law)
  • NO on Measure 106 (Money for Abortion Services)

City of Portland Ballot Measures

  • YES on Portland Measure 26-200 (Fair Elections)
  • YES on Portland Measure 26-201 (Clean Energy Fund)

Southern Washington Candidates

  • Temple Lentz, Clark County Council, District 1 (SW Vancouver)
  • Eric Holt, Clark County Council, Chair (county-wide)
  • Laurie Lebowsky, Vancouver City Council, Seat 1