ATU 757 Wage Committee Negotiations Update

Dear Members,

Today the ATU 757 Wage Committee met with the TriMet negotiating team.  The Union offered a package proposal and will keep you updated on any District responses.

Please be aware that a package proposal can only be accepted as a whole, as is.  Please also be aware that this only represents the specified items, and does not affect the entire proposal.  Any items not presented as part of this package, or even withdrawn as part of this package, are still live proposals.

The focus today was mainly on SIPs and maintenance seniority.  Proposals were put forth for both.

The majority of the discussion consisted of explaining the multitude of problems with the SIPs as TriMet continues to abuse the program while also showing an overall lack of understanding of operators’ experiences.  Your transportation officers did an excellent job of explaining why the current system does not provide for a meaningful opportunity to investigate, why the absence of communication and notification is unacceptable, and why Union member input in the SIP process is absolutely necessary.  TriMet showed some signs that they would take our concerns into consideration.

Unfortunately, TriMet has, to this point, continued to refuse to offer any economics.  We asked for them, once again, today and were told we would have them at our next negotiations meeting. As always, we will get that information to you as soon as it is in our hands.

Please contact your Executive Board or Liaison Officer with any questions about negotiations.

In Solidarity,

The ATU 757 Wage Committee

ATU 757 Package Proposal – May 5, 2017

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