ATU 757 Wage Committee Met With TriMet for Their 2nd Negotiation Session.

Dear Members,

Today the ATU 757 Wage Committee met with TriMet for the second day of contract negotiations. TriMet presented both a Package Proposal and Individual Responses to ATU Proposals. You can find a link to that document below.

As you can see, TriMet declined the majority of the Union’s proposals without any counteroffer. What is more offensive, however, is the disregard for our Collective Bargaining Rights, which they have shown in the responses that they did see fit to provide.

In its responses, TriMet has attempted to whittle down your rights in the grievance process and remove the Union’s ability to negotiate your wages. We will not allow this to happen. Furthermore, TriMet continues to refuse to bring important issues to the table unless we do things their way. We won’t be pushed around.

We encourage each of you to read TriMet’s proposal carefully. This proposal is an attack on your rights to Union Representation and Bargaining. We aren’t taking that attack lightly, and neither should you. It is now more important than ever to stand together in protecting those rights.

If you have any questions about either parties’ proposal, please contact your Union Representative.

In Solidarity,
ATU 757 Wage Committee

TriMet Package Proposal and Individual Responses to ATU Proposals.

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