ATU 757 Endorses a YES Vote on Measure 101

ATU 757 is proud to endorse a YES vote on Measure 101 for the January 23rd Special Election in Oregon!

Measure 101 is a temporary fee on some hospitals and insurance companies that would help fund the Oregon Health Plan (the state Medicaid program), which provides health care for about 1 in 4 Oregonians. If approved by the voters, Measure 101 would ensure that every child in Oregon has access to healthcare, and help stabilize healthcare costs and insurance premiums for people who buy their own insurance. It would help sustain the Oregon Health Plan, which provides vital healthcare services for working families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

In December, our Executive Board voted to recommend that ATU 757 endorse Measure 101, and members ratified that vote in our December Charter and Continuation meetings. You can learn more about Measure 101 on the campaign’s website:

Every child and working family in this state deserves access to health care, and the Oregon Health Plan is a vital part of that. We urge you to vote YES for healthcare and for kids – vote YES ON Measure 101! And regardless of how you vote, please get your ballots in by Tuesday, January 23rd. It’s too late to mail them back, but you can always drop them at your local elections office or official drop site – click here to check out the Secretary of State’s drop box locator.