ATU 757 Announces Tentative Agreement with TriMet

PORTLAND, Ore. — Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 (ATU) and TriMet have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for ATU-represented workers, subject to a ratification vote by impacted members.

“I’m proud to say that the Union has successfully negotiated a contract that was approved unanimously by our Wage Committee, resolving nearly a year of tough negotiations,” said Shirley Block, President of ATU 757. “This tentative agreement wins back some of what was lost in our previous contract. Not to mention, a 3% pay raise (retroactive to the end of the last contract) in the first year, 3.25% in the second year, and 3.25% in the third year and an extra step raise for Service Workers. And maybe most importantly, it means that our 65+ retirees will all have flat co-pays for essential health care, meaning less money out of our seniors’ fixed incomes.”

“Members, you should be proud of your Wage Committee,” said Jon Hunt, Vice President of ATU 757. “They’ve put in thousands of thankless hours over the last year to reach an agreement with the company, and you’ll see that reflected in the tentative agreement. This proposal isn’t perfect, of course, but it is undoubtedly a victory. We look forward to sharing more information with our sisters and brothers as we head toward a ratification vote.”

The Union is currently working to schedule the ratification vote for TriMet members. Members will have ample time to read the contract proposal, which will be posted online at and available for pick up at the Union Hall. Additionally, the Union will mail all retired members of ATU 757 information about the contract proposal, as it contains major changes in health care for those age 65 and older enrolled in UnitedHealthCare plan.

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