Attention TriMet Brothers and Sisters

TriMet Sisters & Brothers:
As you know, today was the first bargaining session with TriMet. We wish that we had better news for you. But unfortunately, TriMet showed up with a proposal filled with takeaway after takeaway. Though we, as a group, went in with an optimistic outlook, and a very reasonable proposal, we were left with a very clear message that we are not valued as human beings, much less employees.

TriMet made proposals that show that they have a lack of knowledge and respect for our history, like going back to an am/pm board, a lack of respect for our maintenance workers and the promises that were made to them, like completely eliminating our apprenticeship program, and a lack of compassion and understanding for the physically taxing jobs that you do, by making it easier to medically terminate you. TriMet made proposals that ignore seniority rights, eliminate opportunities for upward mobility, gut current positions, such as the maintenance assistant supervisor position, and negatively affect the safety of our workers and the public.

Now is the time to stand together. This is not about transportation or maintenance, bus or rail, full time or part time. This is about every one of your brothers’ and sisters’ bargained for rights being under attack. TriMet’s proposal is available on the ATU website and Facebook, and your Union Representative has paper copies.

Contract proposals from ATU 757 representatives and TriMet are available in the web site navigation at the top of the page or by clicking ATU757 proposal and TriMet proposal.

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