Attention TriMet Brothers and Sisters

Dear TriMet Brothers & Sisters: 

We want you to know that we are having a daily check-in with TriMet leadership to discuss the current situation. While it is not surprising that these conversations are not always pleasant, both sides are trying to work together.

Some things we can update you on: 

– signs will be posted directing riders to keep priority seating clear unless necessary. Please do not deny ADA seating to people who need it though.

– that all de-boarding shall be from the back door unless the passenger requires the lift.

– if you need to be off of work for any COVID related reason, you can use any of your leave banks in whatever order you would like. There will be no discipline for timeloss due to anything COVID related.

– TriMet is currently providing hand sanitizer and should have more coming in the next couple of days.

– sanitizing foggers will be in next week. For the time being, any bus or train that needs additional attention due to COVID contamination will be quarantined and a contractor will be brought for deep sanitizing.

We know that TriMet is attempting to acquire more cleaning supplies, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and N-95 masks. We are also trying to purchase wipes and hand sanitizer to distribute. It is just very hard to find these things. We are trying to work together to come up with new ideas and procedures as to how to keep your work areas safe. If you see a bus that needs attention, a breakroom that needs soap, or anything else that affects your safety or health, please contact dispatch or your union rep.  Also, feel free to use your own disinfectant from home. However, please do not use anything on anything electronic or use the GOJO cleaner that was previously provided by TriMet.

While we have urged TriMet to declare an emergency, as other agencies have done, they have refused to do so at this time. We feel strongly that a threat to your health is an emergency. We feel strongly that looming service reductions constitutes an emergency. While declaring an emergency, per the CBA, may require some of you to work outside of normal hours and duties, it would require TriMet to jointly agree to operation procedures moving forward. Therefore, we can only conclude that the only reason TriMet would elect not to declare an emergency is to not have to deal with us. But we aren’t going anywhere.

Thank you all for your patience during this unprecedented time. 

In Solidarity

Union Leadership

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