Addressing Confusion on Manual Dues Payments

Sisters & brothers, you may have seen the letter below from President Shirley Block to Brother Chris Day regarding dues payments, and there’s been some confusion about what it means. We want to be very clear:

If you are a public-sector ATU 757 member and you wish to continue having your dues deducted monthly from your paycheck, you do not need to do anything – we will continue to offer monthly payroll deductions through your employer. The letter does not have any impact on members who pay their dues through a payroll deduction.

The letter from President Block was specifically addressing Brother Day’s specific questions, and the dues payment amount and dates apply to his specific circumstances. If you, like Brother Day, wish to pay your dues directly to the union (instead of having them deducted from your paycheck), you are able to do so, but in order to balance the impact that might have on our staff, we are asking for those dues to be paid in an annual, lump-sum payment. Please contact the Union Hall for more details, as the process, timeline, and amounts will differ on a case-by-case basis.

Again, this ONLY applies to public-sector members who MANUALLY pay their dues by cash or check. It DOES NOT apply to members who pay their dues by having them deducted from your paycheck. The reality is that we have a small staff at ATU 757, and we get quite a lot done for such a lean organization. That said, if our staff were spending their time every month tracking down people who needed to directly pay their dues, it would interfere with our ability to handle grievances, arbitrations, contract negotiations, organizing campaigns, and all the other business of the union.

If you have any questions, please contact your local officers, or call the Union Hall at (503) 232-9144. In the interests of transparency, you can see Brother Day’s letters to President Block and TriMet Labor Relations Executive Director Randy Stedman below.