Good News and Bad News

The good news:
Some of our properties are electing to send our more vulnerable members home with pay. We are grateful that these properties are doing the right thing, and hope the remaining properties get the message.

Many of our properties have also agreed to go Fare Free. We are pressuring all properties to do this to minimize operator exposure. We believe that with the Governor’s new order this is an inevitability, and will keep you posted.

We are getting less and less calls about buses being dirty. Please continue to call your Union rep and dispatch if you get on a dirty bus or if your bus needs attention!

The bad news:
TriMet continues to be behind the ball on all things COVID. Still collecting fare and still prioritizing their financial struggles over those of their workers.

On our daily call today we…
– Asked them to prioritize getting better policies and procedures in place for dealing with possible COVID exposed buses. For now, if you believe your bus has been exposed, call dispatch. If you bring it back to the garage, tell your shagger. If you have any safety related questions call dispatch and ask for the on-duty safety person.

– Asked them to clean bull-pens. While it is important that you practice safe distancing of 6ft, we also need to make sure the bull pens are staying clean and getting sanitized. Feel free to bring in your own supplies, or clean your area with supplies they provide. But we are also continuing to demand that they pay someone to clean the area regularly.

Specifically on today’s call, we provided TriMet with a list of what needs to happen to avoid layoffs:
1. If runs are cut, those buses should be shifted to priority runs that are being used more to provide for safe distancing;
2. Bring all contracted work, including any shuttles, back in house;
3. Allow voluntary leaves of absence without loss of healthcare or seniority;
4. Allow early retirement for individuals 55 or older without penalty;
5. Create opportunity for voluntary cleaning shifts;
6. Doug Kelsey should commit to taking a pay cut before laying off a single person.

In addition, we have asked that TriMet not do any lay-offs until after the federal and state government pass all expected stimulus laws, and all implementing regulations have been developed.

Thank you again and again for all of your hard work. Our communities owe you a deep gratitude for allowing them to reach essential resources in these challenging circumstances.

In Solidarity,
Union Leadership

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