ATU Local 757, Portland, OR


ATU 757 President - Business Representative
1801 NE Couch Street
Portland, OR 97232

Phone: 503-232-9144 | Cell Phone: 971-300-2780

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to lead this great union of ours. I would like to start by introducing myself and telling you a little about me.

I am married and have two sons. I have been with my wife for 27 years. Our two sons are Zachary, age 15, and Ryan, age 9. Some of the activities that I participate in during my free time are camping, fishing, boating and hunting with my family. I also enjoy volunteering with the PTA and I am a watch dog at my son's school.

I have been employed at TriMet as a bus operator for 20 years. I drove a school bus prior to working at TriMet. While at TriMet I have received safe driving awards for 19 years. I have also earned Superior Performance awards 14 times. I have served on the safety committee and accident and reviews board. Additionally, I served as the Executive Board Officer for Merlo Garage.

I am really excited about the future of ATU 757.

Upcoming Meetings: