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As Liaison Officer Mark Brotherton reports from Valley Transit, this Christmas they were able to “adopt” a single mom family with three children and a single dad family with three children. Teams of two shopped for each child, they had a get-together to wrap all the gifts, and gifts were delivered to the Salvation Army for pick-up by the families. At their December meeting all those in attendance decided to donate the gift cards from the Union to the needy instead of drawing for them. That added $210.00 to the total. Our appreciation and thanks to everyone at Valley and Happy New Year to all.

Communications between TriMet and ATU

Congratulations to Jody Moulton who has been elected Maintenance Liaison Officer for TriMet Ruby Junction. Contact information will be forthcoming.

Today's Press Release: Union Puzzled Over TriMet Management's Contradictory Actions. Press Release| Attachments

The Union office will be closed for the holidays on the following days: Monday, December 24th, Tuesday December 25th, and Wednesday, December 26th. The office will reopen at 8:30 am on Thursday morning.

The Department of Labor's Election Investigation Findings

Click here to read the Union's letter to Neil McFarlane warning him about this issue and asking him to take action.

Today's Press Release: TriMet Tells Court Its Bargaining Team Has No Authority to Bargain. Press Release| Attachments

Regarding the $25 dues assessment, we have informed TriMet and requested that they take the additional $25 per month out of the first pay period of the month. Please see the attachment for more details.

The annual Retirees' Christmas party on December 7th at the Milwaukie Elks is for retirees and spouses only, no children. There will be a charge of $13.50 for any additional guests. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Amendment to the Beaverton Contract for the vote on Wednesday. Amendment>>

Today's Press Release: TriMet Negotiations Update. Press Release| Attachments

Today's Press Release:Update Transit Workers and TriMet. Press Release| Attachments

ATU TriMet Active and Retired Members voted separately on whether they wanted to pay a special assessment dedicated to contract negotiations with TriMet management. Today, the ATU TriMet Executive Board and Extra Board liaison officers counted those ballots. The final tally shows that both groups voted overwhelmingly in favor of the assessment which will take effect beginning January 1, 2013.

Today's Press Release: Union and TriMet Agree to Seek Legal Ruling. Press Release| Attachments

Today's Press Release: Transit Workers’ Union Proposes Solution to Impasse Over Meaning of Law. - Press Release| Attachments

In coalition with our community supporters, Amalgamated Transit Union encourages our members to welcome and assist our OPAL Bus Riders Unite supporters in any way possible. They will be out conducting surveys on various routes gathering information for our ongoing community outreach. We thank them for their continued support.

Press Release sent out today -PRESS RELEASE| ATTACHMENTS

Contract Negotiations to be Conducted in Public. FULL STORY>>

Please join us in welcoming First Transit Region 3 brothers and sisters, who on November 7th voted 111 "yes" to 31 "no" to be certified as ATU 757 members. On Thursday, November 15th they will be officially certified. During my 20 plus years experience as a member, despite multiple attempts on their part, this property has not been represented until now. Last night they were overwhelmingly voted to be organized by ATU.

This committee organized an extremely effective campaign with the help of our AFL CIO affiliates. With the confidence of their committee, that had been formed Tuesday night, we elected a bargaining team to represent Region Three once we get to the negotiating table.

Congratulations! This is a win for all brothers and sisters within the First Transit group!

Honor Veterans! Hire Veterans! There are over 100 Letter Carrier vacancies in Portland. Promote temps to career jobs with benefits. Monday, November 12th (Veteran's Day) at noon there will be a March & Rally to restore jobs and service. The rally is at Pioneer Courthouse Square and the march will be to the World Trade Center. For more information, call National Association of Letter Carriers 82, at 503-493-5903. Flyer.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 3rd, follow the ATU signs (we need people to carry the signs!) to Holladay and 11th. We are gathering at one pm, the march begins at two pm. Join fellow union members, workers and the unemployed, students, parents, seniors, and neighbors for a day of action against the budget cuts to schools, to public services, to Medicare and Social Security. FULL STORY

Attached for your review and duplication is the official 2012-2013 Alfred "Gunter" Bruckner Memorial Scholarship Application Form and instructions for potential applicants. The 2012-2013 scholarships are in remembrance of retired ATU General Executive Board member Alfred "Gunter" Bruckner, who passed away on April 19, 2012.

This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $5000. In addition, a $2,000 scholarship may be awarded to a vocational school applicant. FULL STORY>>

Welcome, Cascades East Transit! As a result of October 23rd's mail-in vote ATU has more than doubled our membership in the Bend area by aquiring this 53-member regional public transportation service in Central Oregon.

Old Man Winter is arriving and the Union Building is need of some preventative maintenance. This Saturday Oct 27th 11:00 - 2:00 we will be cleaning gutters, trimming hedges, and trimming limbs. Let's make "Our" building look GREAT! So, come Rain or Shine... If you have a couple of hours and would like to jump in and help, bring your favorite dish and let's share potluck while doing a little "fall" cleaning. YOUR Help is as always most appreciated..

ATU 757 is asking for volunteers to hand out "thank you" cards to our riders for riding public transportation. Mike Pucik will be at the following locations on Thursday, October 25, 2012. If you would like to help, you can stop by the union office (1801 NE Couch Street) and pick up cards and a free Vote Transit tee shirt (while supplies last.) You may also meet Mike at one of the locations; he will have cards available.

Start Time:

  • Milwaukie Transit Center 6am - 7am
  • Hillsboro Trancit Center 6am - 7:30am
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square 7:30am - 9am
  • Rose Quarter 9:45am - 11am
  • Gateway Transit Center 2pm - 4pm

Thank you for your help; United We Stand!

The Unfair Labor Practice regarding Arbitrator Gaba's interest arbitration decision on the TriMet contract will be heard January 7- January 10, 2013.

It should come as no surprise that in the countdown to the election there are plenty of events and opportunities to volunteer upcoming. Next Tuesday, October 23d, we are encouraging you to bring your friends and family down to the Oregon AFL CIO (3645 SE 32nd) starting at 5:30 pm for a phone bank encouraging people to elect Transit and Labor Friendly candidates. The AFL CIO will be providing dinner and shirts. If that particular evening does not work for you, please contact Mike Pucik at 503-730-6585 for other dates and locations. FLYER

On Wednesday October 24th the Oregon AFL CIO will be sponsoring a worksite flier event in downtown Portland at 7:00 am. This is your chance to not only hand out fliers, but also to hear from some of the candidates and talk to other union members downtown during the morning rush. If you are interested, this begins at 7:00 am at the Terry Shrunk Plaza, at SW 3rd Avenue and Madison, downtown Portland. FLYER

Our third and final (for now) event is canvassing to win votes next Saturday morning, October 27th at 10:00 am for Secretary of State Candidate Kate Brown, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, and State Representative Chris Gorsek. Once again we will be meeting at the Oregon AFL CIO (3645 SE 32nd) to begin. Afterwards, the Clackamas County Fire Fighters Union Local IAFF 1159 will be providing a BBQ lunch. FLYER

For more information about the candidates or events, please contact Jess at (503) 232-1195 extension 114, or email

Thank you for everything you do-


Bruce Hansen
President – Business Representative

Another win. This time for a ULP that ATU filed against TriMet back on November 10, 2009 for failing to provide information. Not a financial windfall, but great for precedence.

Follow the link to read: ERB Decision

On October 3rd in company with AFL CIO President Tom Chamberlain, Oregon Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, local ATU members marched on management at First Transit, Region Three (Clackamas) and filed a petition October 4th with the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) for representation of Region Three. This is an attempt to organize the 166 members at TriMet Lift, First Transit Region Three Clackamas. A hearing has been scheduled for October 16. My gratitude goes out to all, and especially those at the AFL CIO and ATU International who took so much time out from their own responsibilities to bring all this together: Tom, Dave, Ed, Claudia, and J.C.


With only 29 days left before the election, things are in high gear. Thanks for everything you are doing to elect pro-union, pro-worker candidates. But the work is far from over, and there are many more opportunities to participate. Attached is the AFLCIO's event calendar.

The Walla Walla Gran Fondo Team:

ATU 757 members, family and friends made up the Valley Transit Pro Driver team for the 2012 Gran Fondo. 9 team members walked, 4 rode horseback, 1 rode a bike for a combined total of 75 miles and contributed $350.00 to the cause. One hundred percent of the net proceeds go to the Providence St. Mary Special Needs Fund, which helps local low-income cancer patients with a wide range of needs that insurance and Medicare may not pay for, such as travel expenses, wigs, phone cards, lodging, medications, meals and items for symptom control. After participating in the events, an Oktoberfest lunch was enjoyed and door prizes were given away. 2 team members won!

The Union and TriMet met with the State Mediator today to see if they could settle the unfair labor practices related to Arbitrator Gaba’s interest arbitration decision on the TriMet contract.

The mediation was unsuccessful.

I spent some time with our brother bus driver at the hospital this morning. He was attacked last night by a young man with a knife. While he has a couple of dogs, he does not have a lot of family around so I hope all our prayers and well wishes are sent his way. This is just another example of the treacherous conditions under which our operators struggle to work. Thanks, Bruce

Labor Neighbor, the Washington State Labor Council’s grassroots member-to-member political action program has been active since early June, and already an unprecedented number of union households have been contacted. To volunteer you can contact WSLC Field Mobilization Director Lori Province by calling 206-351-2956. For a complete schedule of events, check the attachment.

Here are some samples TriMet sent to us of the letters they are going to mail out in which they're threatening discipline and lawsuits. FULL STORY>>

Here is the correspondence regarding the Sample letters between ATU 757 and TriMet. FULL STORY>>

Any day now you should be receiving in the mail a copy of the attached letter from us warning you of another letter you may be receiving from TriMet shortly regarding your health insurance. Again, we ask that you stand together in solidarity and refuse to respond to TriMet's payment demand until we obtain a judicial decision. Letter.

This benefit will take place Saturday, September 22nd, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 17990 S. Gronlund Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045. Among the activities are BBQ at $5.00 plate, a Rummage Sale, Raffles, Silent Auctions, Live Band, and Car Meet (bring that special car you want to show off) This is a no-alcohol event. Tickets are being sold for $5.00 per family. Any questions contact Lori McNealy at

There is a fund raiser for the local cancer center taking place on September 29 and union members at Valley Transit are putting together a team of at least 10 to participate. Teams need ten participants and will receive a discount off the registration fee.

The fund raiser is called the Gran Fondo and participants can choose from a 2 or 4 mile walk, 22, 30, or 60 mile bike ride, horseback ride or 135 mile motorcycle tour. Our hope is to fill the team with any employee, family member or friend, Union brother or sister. If you want to join the team, spend a day or two in Walla Walla, and support a wonderful cause contact Mark Brotherton, Valley Transit Liaison Officer for more information. His email address is and his telephone number is 509-520-3457.

We will be forming five committees which will be open to all members, both active and retired. Those committees will be: Bylaws, Media, Membership, Safety, and Special Events (such as picnic, Christmas dinner, barbecues.)

Those interested in serving on these committees may send letters of interest to the Union office or email by October 12, 2012. Please specify which committee you are interested in participating on for consideration by the Executive Board on October 15, 2012 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

Union files an amended complaint on interest arbitration decision because TriMet changes its position yet again. Amended Complaint>>

Notice of Intent to Take Legal Action FULL STORY HERE>>

Photo Credit: Dan Martin, 2012.

Letter from President Bruce Hansen to TM General Manager Neil McFarlane re: Notice of Intent to Take Legal Action. Full Story>>

We need to offer this amendment to our prior posting. The Vice President and Financial Secretary challenges were mistakenly characterized as individual race challenges when in fact the candidates for those two positions were both challenging the entire election. The ATU Election Review Challenge Committee does not recommend rerunning the entire election.

Three questions regarding challenges to the last union officer election will be presented to the members for a vote at the October 15th charter and continuation business meetings. FULL STORY>>

Full story>>

The Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO invites you to dunk labor leaders at the Labor Day picnic at Oaks Park. All proceeds will go to Labor's Community Service Agency Inc, as well as a $125 prize to the union that attempts the most dunks during the day. Full Story>>

For those members still receiving pushback from their managers regarding stickers in the workplace, here's the latest correspondence from the union's attorney on the subject. Letter from the Union.

I am pleased to report that retroactive COLA checks for active employees will be mailed on August 24. The gross total of the wages is $6,001,646.96 and includes 2,318 separately mailed checks at an average amount of $2,589.14. Retroactive COLA checks for retirees will be mailed by the end of August. They have a different process for those checks, which involves US Bank. The interface with the bank has slowed processing.

Remember, the Annual Picnic is to be held at Blue Lake Park from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm this Sunday, August 26, 2012. Come and enjoy the day with us. Barbecue, potato chips, cotton candy and snow cones will be provided. Pets are not allowed, except service animals. Parking at Blue Lake Park is $5.00 per vehicle.
  • 9:00a-1:00p Bingo (age 18 or older; one prize per person)
  • 9:30a-1:30p Caricatures Artist
  • 9:30a-12:00p Softball
  • 11:00a-2:00p Barbeque
  • 11:30p Magic Show
  • 12:00p Water Balloon Toss
  • 12:30p Watermelon-Eating Contests
  • 1:30p Kid’s prize giveaway
  • 2:00p Prize giveaways

Consistent with the July 12, 2012 arbitration decision, TriMet is implementing the new contract, which is retroactive to December 1, 2009, and will expire November 30, 2012. Contract implementation includes union members receiving cost of living adjustments (COLAs) on their hourly rates. TriMet continued making COLA increases on December 1, 2009, and June 1, 2010 after the prior contract expired.

Follow the link for more information.

Premiums will be deducted in August, however all deductions will stop effective September 2012.

Retirees receive their pension checks at the end of the month, for that month's pension. Therefore, the August 31 pension checks will contain deductions if applicable, because this check will apply to August, not September.

If a new hire becomes eligible for health coverage on July 1, Trimet will not start your premium deduction until the first paycheck in July. Depending on the timing of when the new hire returns their enrollment paperwork, their first deduction may include a one-time adjustment to bring their deductions current.

Trimet's premium payment to the insurance carrier is paid in the month prior to when coverage is provided. For example, the July premium is due to Regence by July 1. Therefore, TriMet remits payment in June for July's coverage. However the employee deductions from pay are not deducted until the actual month of coverage.



Bruce Hansen
President – Business Representative

Over the years the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic has been the premiere event for Union members from all unions to gather relax and show their pride in having a Union job. This year will be no exception. I encourage every ATU757 Member to come enjoy the picnic and all that Oaks Amusement Park has to offer. Because of the unfortunate actions of some of the ATU's employers including TriMet this gathering also allows us a unique opportunity to spread our message to the general public and all the political candidates in attendance that are looking for our support and votes. I ask that you wear any ATU stickers, wrist bands, or T-Shirts and volunteer for a couple hours of passing out flyers and attending speeches from the stage to show our strength and solidarity. There is a shuttle service available, so bring your friends, bring your family, have fun and BE PROUD.



Bruce Hansen
President – Business Representative

These Rogue Valley Transportation District members are:

We are holding a meeting for all picnic volunteers this coming Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 6:30 pm in the back of the Union office (1801 NE Couch Street.) If you are interested in volunteering at the ATU picnic, you must attend this meeting or contact Dan Martin (503-926-3553)

Here is a copy of the ULP we are submitting in response to the Interest Arbitration Decision. ULP

Bargaining unit members have asked about their right to communicate their dissatisfaction about how their employer is treating them and about working conditions in general. The law is quite clear that such communication is “protected concerted activity.”

Placement of such written communications on an employee’s personal property, such as lunch box, car bumper or tool box is also part of that protected concerted activity.

Additionally, public employees have a constitutional right to comment on issues of public concern. TriMet’s PR team, as well as its management, have spent much time and money making bargaining unit employee wages, benefits and working conditions a matter of public concern. That being the case, the employees have an equal right to be heard on the issue. Posting

We met with TriMet re the Mercer enrollment audit. Although we disagree, at this time we are encouraging our members to participate by submitting the appropriate paperwork.

To all ATU-757 members who are thinking of retiring soon I would like to inform you of all the benefits of retaining your Union membership at the time you retire.

  1. You will have the right attend Union meetings.
  2. You have the right to vote for the top 3 positions in the Union general elections.
  3. You have the right to attend all Retirees’ Chapter meetings and other functions such as the July Retirees’ picnic and the Annual Retirees’ Christmas party.
  4. You will continue to receive the Labor Press and the In Transit magazine.
  5. You will be eligible to receive the death benefit from the International Union.
Please consider this seriously and retain your ATU 757 Local membership!

Attached is an unfair labor practice complaint filed today, July 24th. TriMet has stopped depositing vending machine proceeds into the Rec Fund. TriMet is now claiming that retirees have lessor dental coverage than active employees. The Union believes that TriMet has violated the law by making these changes. Read the ULP here.

The Union is filing the attached ULP today, July 24th. It addresses the fact that TriMet has now ordered road and rail supervisors to meet quotas with regard to fare evasion citations. Since this is fare inspector work and a change the during impasse period, the Union is asserting TriMet violated the law. Read the ULP here.

At this time, TriMet's last statement regarding COLA's is that they will be paid out on or before August 24th. COLA increases to retirees' pensions will take a little longer, with no set date at this time.

According to TriMet's Last Best Offer, implementation will be the first of the month following the arbitrator's order. The Union has informed TriMet that such implementation is extremely unwise given all the illegal aspects of the award noted by the arbitrator himself.

As for the reimbursement of the medical premiums, we continue to believe going back three years is illegal. ATU's attorney has written a letter to TriMet's attorney indicating that we will instruct our members not to authorize any payroll deductions from TriMet for this expense. It is also illegal for an employer to make threats to get you to sign such an authorization. For additional information and the full text of our attorney's letter to TriMet, please follow the link.

We won the health and welfare ulp before the ERB judge! The judge found that, although TriMet could have legally done what it did, it did so in retaliation. TriMet has been ordered to pay back all premiums for option 1 people and all extra costs paid by members on option 2. It also ruled that McFarlane and management violated the law when it communicated with members BEFORE it communicated with the Union. Of course, TriMet will appeal the judge's ruling so it still isn't over yet. But, it does put a very big crimp in the outcome of the interest arbitration since the arbitrator awarded what amounts to an illegal proposal on health and welfare. ERB Decision

Despite finding that aspects of TriMet’s offer were illegal, Arbitrator Gaba still found in TriMet’s favor. See the attached interest arbitration decision. The Union is studying the decision and determining its next steps. The issue is neither settled nor over! Arbitration Decision

Without showing a need or justification, TriMet is demanding employees produce documents that the employees may, or may not, have in their possession ... like marriage certificates and other documents. They threaten loss of employment and health insurance for non-compliance.

We know, although they obviously don't, that because of time or moves, many people may not still have their marriage certificate or other documents. We know those documents can be hard to obtain locally, and that it is even harder to obtain them from sources out of state or out of the country.
Guess the top managers did not have time to think through the practicalities of their demands. Maybe they're too busy picking out furniture, trying on Nordstrom outfits in their offices or hiring even more big bucks "for show" managers ..

The Solution

If you believe that you have already submitted the documents to TriMet, demand to see your personnel file and purchase a copy of the document. Go to the Forms page on this site and download the pdf for requesting your Personnel file.

The Union will continue exploring all legal avenues to put a stop to this unreasonable demand and we will keep you posted.

Read here for our response to TriMet's letter regarding the 2nd phase of Mercer's eligibility audit. Please read.

The annual Retirees' Picnic on July 11th is for retirees and spouses only, no children. There will be a charge of $13.50 for any additional guests. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon.
We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Bill Wimmer
President - Retiree Member Chapter

President Bruce Hansen - Cell: 971-300-2780
Vice President Jonathan Hunt - Cell: 503-780-2263
Financial Secretary-Treasurer Mary Longoria - Cell: 971-300-2778

2012 Officer Elections results are posted here.

In less than 7 days, the TriMet board of directors will make a decision about whether or not to increase fares across the board to $2.50. It's crunch time, and we need as many people to come out as possible to OPAL’s Rally for the Buses on Wednesday June 13 at 8:30am. If there's one action you attend to support OPAL all year, this is the one to go to. We need as many people in the board room and outside at our rally to show TriMet that people care and that there is broad public support for an efficient transit system that is accessible to everyone. FULL STORY>>

If TriMet loses the interest arbitration it will be because of management’s incompetence. See the Union’s opening statement which lays out the reasons at this link.

After more than 27 months of negotiations, numerous mediation sessions, and a one day strike, the Union and First Transit, Inc. has reached new tentative agreements for both Region 1 (Multnomah County) and Region 2 (Washington County) TriMet Lift contracts. FULL STORY>>

After a strike on Wednesday May 8th, the ATU Local 757 and First Transit Inc. returned to the bargaining table on May 9th and 10th, reaching tentative agreement after a marathon negotiating session that ended at 1:00 am on May 12th. FULL STORY>>

Thank you for coming out today and showing your support. My name is Jonathan Hunt and I am the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757. We represent the dedicated workers who transport the elderly and disabled in Multnomah and Washington counties. FULL TEXT>>

ATU Local 757 representing the paratransit workers on strike against First Transit, Inc. a private, multi-national company that provides the service under contract with TriMet, has scheduled an eleven am press conference in front of TriMet’s administration building, 4012 SE 17th Avenue, Portland.

Regional elected leaders have weighed in on the strike, calling on the parties to end the strike and return to the bargaining table to settle the dispute. They claim their constituents are the victims in the strike and should not have their vital services interrupted because of a labor issue. The elected leaders are also calling on TriMet to step up to the plate and see to it that the strike ends now without further disruption of service.

TriMet elderly and disabled transit operators on strike:
Bus operators who operate the elderly and disabled transportation service for TriMet in Multnomah and Washington Counties went on strike this morning after negotiations and mediation that began in February 2010 failed to produce a new agreement. The operators, who are employed by the foreign company First Transit, Inc. under contract with TriMet, are represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757. Pickets start going up this morning at the TriMet administration building located at 4012 SE 17th Avenue, Portland. FULL PRESS RELEASE>>

The vote count took place on Friday, April 27, 2012 and was supervised by Helen Goche, the duly elected Chair of the ATU 2012 Election Committee.
Proposal #1, maintain status quo: 336
Proposal #2, maintain status quo except insurance changes: 607

The Union recently learned that TriMet may not have paid employees the reward payment for testing negative for reasonable suspicion (probable cause) and post accident alcohol and drug tests. Pursuant to the January 17, 1995 Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy Reward Payment Agreement, any employee who tests negative for a reasonable suspicion and/or post accident drug test is eligible to receive $100 or run/days work pay, whichever is greater. If you tested negative for these tests and were not paid the reward, contact your Union Representative. You will need to establish that you were tested, tested negative and did not receive the reward payment. This only applies to reasonable suspicion (probable cause) and post accident tests. It does not apply to random alcohol and drug tests.

It has been a record number for one year. I am referring to the number of local newspaper articles and editorials published about TriMet, its financial problems and its contract dispute with the Union representing TriMet employees. While most of these articles and editorials were slanted in favor of TriMet, the main theme in all of them is that TriMet’s problems were caused by everyone else, except by inept senior management. And the latest editorial in The Oregonian, which was published in the April 20, 2012 edition, is no exception. FULL STORY>>

TriMet's Randy Stedman was hired to be a union buster. Other people applied for Stedman's position who have a history of working well with union employees. They didn't get the job, instead, TriMet's "management team" gave the job to Stedman. Probably because he brags on his resume that he was able to get a pro-union election overturned in the State of Washington. FULL STORY>>

We have a union brother who is in great need of our help. David Cahill is an ATU 757 member out of the NELA lift yard who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. David has worked at this location for more than seven years, and for the first time, has worked enough hours to qualify for health insurance. However, his treatment has been completely delayed due to management not providing the necessary paperwork after he qualified for insurance. FULL STORY>>

TriMet's rail and bus supervisors are outraged at recent mandated changes to the agency's fare enforcement practices. Evidently responding to media criticism that too many passengers are riding for free, TriMet has decided that it wants to be able to brag to the media that more $175 tickets are being issued. FULL PRESS RELEASE>>

TriMet's management team has launched a new fare confrontation campaign that we believe is unsafe and unfair. FULL STORY AND PETITION>>

Follow the story for the recent letter from the Northwest Oregon Labor Council to Neil McFarlane, General Manager of TriMet concerning the ongoing contract dispute as reported by ATU Political Director Mike Pucik. FULL STORY>>

TriMet continues to blame the Union and the Union leadership for their inability to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement with the Union. TriMet continues to blame the Union for delaying the arbitration process, claiming the Union has deliberately postponed the contract dispute from being heard by an arbitrator. TriMet claims the law that prohibits transit workers from striking should be repealed, because it is to blame for the delay. Then TriMet has their friends at the Oregonian and The Portland Tribune run anti-worker, anti-union stories and editorials. FULL STORY

All questions regarding the upcoming (or past) ATU Elections may be directed to the special Election line: 503-231-3563. If the line is not answered, leave a message with your complete contact information and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

This is ATU's letter regarding the topic of the TriMet Lift Audit directed towards the Chair of the TriMet Board of Directors. FULL STORY>>

Video Credit: Al Margulies, 2012.

While there will be no Information Picket prior to tomorrow's Board of Directors' meeting, ATU asks for your attendance at the Board meeting itself to show that we stand united and in solidarity. ATU 757 continues to pressure the Board and management, and Jon Hunt will be making a presentation to the Board at this meeting February 22nd.

ATU needs your support and presence now more than ever to show we stand strong and that there is solidarity amongst those of us that support mass transit. Stand up for what's right!! Please come out and join us at this Board meeting!

WHEN: Wednesday, February 22nd, 9:00 am
WHERE: Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room C

TriMet has repeatedly accused the ATU of causing delays in preventing the contract dispute interest arbitration from being held in a timely manner. Now, once again, TriMet's failure to comply with the order of the Oregon Employment Relations Board (OERB) has resulted in the contract interest arbitration hearing date being pushed forward to May 14, 2012. FULL PRESS RELEASE>>

TriMet employees recently received information from General Manager Neil McFarlane on TriMet's website entitled "Bringing Lift In-House" in which McFarlane informed employees that he wanted to set the record straight. Once again, from an administration that is well known for its "spin doctor" approach to presenting the facts, McFarlane misrepresents the results of the paratransit audit performed in 2008. THE REAL STORY>>

Video Credit: Andy Heesacker, 2012.

Follow the link for the text of the statement President Hunt prepared for the meeting of the TriMet Board of Directors' January meeting. FULL STORY>>

In a letter to the Union from the labor relations director recently hired by TriMet, he wrote: “Because the General Manager must keep in mind the interests of all TriMet employees, it is inappropriate that he serve as the president of the Unions’ counterparty or primary interface. There will be times when the interests of union and non-union employees are at odds.” Now comes the best! “In those situations, the General Manager must bring objective and fresh thinking to the dispute, unclouded by having advocated for one side or the other.” FULL STORY>>

The Union has filed a grievance and unfair labor practice against the Bend Area Transit system contractor. A complaint is also being filed against the City of Bend who receives federal funding to operate the system. FULL STORY>>

It has been some time since ATU 757 has held a picket before the Tri Met Board meeting but this is so important that we feel we have no choice but to do it again. Please come join us at this informational picket January 25th at 8:00 am in front of the Portland building. Please feel free to stay for the meeting (9:00am) and give your opinion to the Trimet board. FULL STORY>>

This is the press release sent out today in regards to Paratransit Services in Bend. FULL STORY>>

The ATU 757 office will be closed on Monday, January 16, 2012 in honor of Martin Luther King Day. The office will reopen on Tuesday, January 17th at 8:30 a.m. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your union officer.

Check out the suggested changes to Section 13 - Nominations here.>> These proposed Bylaws changes will be voted on at all February 2012 membership meetings.

Check out the suggested changes to Section 14 - Elections here.>> These proposed Bylaws changes will be voted on at all February 2012 membership meetings.

Check out the suggested changes to Section 15 - Election Committee here.>> These proposed Bylaws changes will be voted on at all February 2012 membership meetings.

Check out the suggested changes to Section 17 - Dues Standard Formula here.>> These proposed Bylaws changes will be voted on at all February 2012 membership meetings.

Check out the suggested changes to Section 5 - 7 - Office of the President, Vice President, and Financial Secretary - Treasurer here.>> These proposed Bylaws changes will be voted on at all February 2012 membership meetings.

All letters of nomination and acceptance for the 2012 Election Committee must be received prior to or made at the March 4th (tentative) Charter meeting. Correspondence should be sent to Evette Farra at the union office or by fax to (503) 230-2589. FULL STORY>>

Nominations will be held on May 20th, 2012.

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