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Santa and Mrs. Claus spent some time with ATU 757 members and their families earlier in the month at the Salvation Army Rose Center for Seniors. ATU 757 Retired Chapter President Bill Wimmer was behind the camera while Santa and Mrs. Claus spoke with their fans and was kind enough to send the photos our way. We've uploaded them to both our Flickr account (see here) and an album on our Facebook page so you can access them there as well. Follow the link to the photos from Santa's visit!>>

Today at the bargaining table, the transit union presented its long-awaited health insurance proposal. It wasn’t what TriMet was expecting. Citing a history of bloated insurance pricing, the Union has proposed that a joint labor-management committee take over the purchasing of insurance and the hiring of consultants. Read More>> Press Release | Proposal

Today, December 12, 2013, the ATU bargaining team presented a partial counter offer to TriMet’s draconian changes. “We are presenting our counterproposal for changes to Article 1, which is the general language, and to Article 2 which affects the operators,” said Bruce Hansen, president of ATU 757.

The Union also presented its economic position with the exception of its health and welfare proposal. “We could not present our health and welfare proposal because of a delay in getting information from TriMet’s health insurance carriers. Some documents came in as late as December 9th and we are still awaiting others. That meant we could not formulate our counter to TriMet’s insurance proposal. We are hopeful that we will have a health and welfare counter to present on Tuesday, December 17, 2013,” said Hansen.

See Attachment: Articles 1, 2 counter proposals and economic proposal w/o H&W
Article 1 Union Counter Offer | Article 2 Union Counter Offer

Cathy Redwine has been elected Liaison Officer for First Transit Beaverton, Region Two. All questions and concerns should be directed to Cathy. You may reach her by calling her cell phone 503-332-6133 or by emailing

The position of Shop Steward, FIRST TRANSIT REGION TWO is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on January 13, 2013 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be handing out presents to all your children and grandchildren, 16 and under at the Salvation Army Rose Center for Seniors, on December 14th 10 am to 2 pm. Come join us for a cup of hot cocoa and cookies. See FLYER>>

The ATU 757 Retired Member Chapter’s Christmas party will be Friday, December 6th at 12:00 p.m. at the Westmoreland Union Manor, 6404 SE 23rd Ave. Tickets of $15 (including $5 annual dues) for retirees and $10 for guests will be collected at the door.

Attached for your review and duplication is the official 2013-201 4 Ray Wallace Memorial Scholarship Application Form and instructions for potential applicants. The 2013-2014 scholarships are in remembrance of retired International Secretary-Treasurer Ray Wallace, who passed away on May 23, 2012.

This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $5000. In addition, a $2,000 scholarship may be awarded to a vocational school applicant. FULL STORY>>

Congratulations and welcome go out to our newest members, employees at First Transit Region Three who voted (110 yes and 11 no) to accept their first First Transit - ATU 757 contract! Congratulations Region Three!

Portland School District declared an impasse today, putting it on track to imposing an unacceptable contract on Portland teachers and forcing a strike. March on Friday, November 22, 4:15 pm and rally from 4:30–5:30 on Burnside Bridge with signs and banners. Invite anyone and everyone, because teachers' Working Conditions Are students' Learning Conditions!

“The derailment of the Max train on Monday, was the result of TriMet’s practice of deferring both maintenance and training in favor of system expansion and other expenditures,” says Union vice president, Jonathan Hunt. Tuesday, KOIN carried a story about a train derailment that was caused by a bracket breaking. This incident was no surprise to the mechanics who fear even more brackets might give way. FULL STORY>>

This was a group of First Student Portland drivers that showed up at 5 this morning to show solidarity after taking a strike vote on Thursday. They wore red shirts and ribbons and placed signs on the dashes of their cars. Thanks for the great turnout this morning! at Cantrall-Buckley Park in Central Point, Oregon.

“Last night Portland school bus drivers voted overwhelmingly to strike,” says Jonathan Hunt, Vice President of the Amalgamated Transit Union which represents the drivers. “Unfortunately, the parties are close on most issues except for wages and health insurance. Of most concern is the employer, First Student’s, proposal to stop paying anything for employee health insurance,” Hunt stated. FULL STORY>>

Amalgamated Transit President Bruce Hansen is astounded at the statements being made by TriMet's public relations department in response to the whooping cough scare. "The statement quoted in the Oregonian that "when it comes to working sick, the agency simply asks employees to stay home if they are feeling ill," is so far from the truth that it's stunning." says Hansen. "The real message to the operators is "come to work or you lose your job" - period." FULL STORY>>

As were are sure your executive board officers have told you, the Union's bargaining team has met with TriMet's bargaining team in a total of 24 sessions. All but two of those sessions consisted of TriMet explaining its proposals and its reasons for those proposals. The Union team raised many questions and still awaits answers to a number of those questions. As of this date, we have not begun bargaining over the proposals. FULL STORY>>

The Manufacturing Jobs for America initiative aims to build bipartisan support for legislation that will modernize America’s manufacturing sector, help American manufacturers grow and create jobs, and assist American workers in getting the skills to succeed in the next generation of manufacturing jobs.Oregon's Jeff Merkley said, "A living wage job is the best possible foundation for a family." Full Story>>

“TriMet’s multi-million dollar radio system continues to be plagued with serious problems,” reports Amalgamated Transit Union President Bruce Hansen. Yesterday, October 30th, Bus 2808 was at the intersection of 185th and SW Farmington Road. The time was approximately 11:10 a.m. A horrified bus operator watched as an automobile struck a pedestrian. It was obvious that the pedestrian was seriously injured. The bus operator quickly tried to summon assistance by punching the bus’s emergency alarm. Read Full Press Release>>

The next TriMet Board of Directors' Meeting will be held Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 9:00 am at the Harrison Square Building- Saltzman Conference Room, 1800 SW 1st Avenue, Portland. This will be the only November Board of Directors' meeting. See you there! Reminder>>

The Young Emerging Labor Leaders (YELL) invite you to the 2013 Young Worker Summit at OR AFLCIO 3645 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202. Join in on Saturday, November 9th at 1:00pm to meet fellow young workers, plan for the coming year, elect YELL leadership and more! This is a tremendous opportunity for young unionists to get involved in Oregon’s growing labor movement. Since 2010, YELL has paved the way for young workers to network, develop leadership skills and become active in the fight for social and economic justice. Stick around for a happy hour following the Summit! Attached is the link to the event page on facebook>>

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) Education and Training Department will be holding a presentation on Why Unions Still Matter at the Oregon AFL-CIO, 3645 SE 32nd in Portland on November 5th at 12:00 PM. Everyone welcome! Bring family, friends, and neighbors! For information, contact Radar Bateman cbateman@iatse‐ See the attachment for more details. ATTACHMENT>>

“The tragedy of two deaths in the San Francisco BART strike has its origins in the same management attitudes we see demonstrated by TriMet’s top level management,” says Bruce Hansen, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union. He’s referring to the death of two BART workers, struck by a train being operated by a manager driving during a labor strike. The BART workers were on strike primarily because of work rule changes, benefit takeaways and safety issues. That strike ended last night when the company and the union reached a tentative agreement. Read Full Press Release>>

Today, the Amalgamated Transit Union hand delivered its response to the TriMet Strategic Financial Plan (SFP) that was recently released by the agency. The Union noted in its letter that, despite the fact its members total 87% of the TriMet workforce, the Union was neither informed of the planning process nor invited to participate. After addressing some issues of concern about the SFP, the Union offered to participate in a collaborative approach to address the issue of unfunded retiree benefits. “We’re hoping the Board takes us up on our sincere offer to work as a team to discover the best and fairest SFP approach to what has been a long term and complete failure to fund retiree benefits,” said Union president, Bruce Hansen. Click here for the Union's response to TriMet's SFP, detailed listing of TM's proposed contract changes, and National Institute of Health Charts on Transit Workers' Health and Pensions>>

Copies of your new proposed contract will be available for you to review by Monday, November 4th and will be distributed to you by your Executive Board Officer. It will be voted on at your monthly union meeting on November 14, 2013.

Recently, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill requiring the Secretary of State, Audits Division, to audit TriMet. This audit will examine TriMet’s immediate and long-term financial condition, its organizational transparency, and its operational structure, practices and functions. The audit report to the legislature, TriMet, and the public will be issued in January 2014.

So far they have held meetings with TriMet management and ATU 757, and now would like to gain the perspectives of operators and other employees in the field. Secretary of State auditors Erin Fifield and Terri Preeg Riggsby will be at the Center Street and Ruby Junction facilities on October 14, 16 and 17. For more information>>

ATU 757 members employed by Rogue Valley Transportation District held their property's picnic on Sunday, September 15th at Cantrall-Buckley Park in Central Point, Oregon.

Attached for your review and duplication is the official 2013-201 4 Ray Wallace Memorial Scholarship Application Form and instructions for potential applicants. The 2013-2014 scholarships are in remembrance of retired International Secretary-Treasurer Ray Wallace, who passed away on May 23, 2012.

This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $5000. In addition, a $2,000 scholarship may be awarded to a vocational school applicant. FULL STORY>>

77 people, including members and passengers, attended the Tillamook property's Summer picnic on Sunday, September 22. Above see the members of Tillamook enjoying dinner and BINGO at their picnic.

They also played a Tillamook version of The Amazing Race, which included croquet, wheelchair races, bowling and a mind puzzle, and horseshoes. It was a great time all around. Thanks to all who participated. It was a pleasure to be able to attend and help out.

As of today, your ATU 757 Bargaining Team has met with TriMet for eleven sessions going through both ATU proposals and TriMet Articles 1 & 2. See full tracking faster>>

Cathy Redwine is serving as Acting Liaison Officer for First Transit Beaverton, Region Two. All questions and concerns should be directed to Cathy. You may reach her by calling her cell phone 503-332-6133 or by emailing

The position of LIAISON OFFICER, FIRST TRANSIT REGION TWO is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on November 11, 2013 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

All of the ATU training academy presentations and materials from ATU's 57th Convention can be found online here. Digital files of Convention Reports, Programs, a variety of Fact Sheets and more are available here.

Charisse Wall is serving as Acting Executive Board Officer for Portland Public Schools. All questions and concerns should be directed to Charisse. You may reach her by calling her cell phone 360 798 9843, by emailing, or by leaving a note in 540 route box.

The position of EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICER, PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on October 14, 2013 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

ATU officers receiving the Gary Maurer Award for Excellence at the convention

Congratulations to Sergio Garcia, once again elected the NW Representative to the ATU Latino Caucus.

Services for Jess Kraut, who retired in 1990, will be held Monday, August 19th at 3:00 at Lincoln Memorial.

Join our ATU Brothers and Sisters at 8:30 Saturday morning, August 24th at South Eugene High School for the Eugene Celebration Parade.

The Oregon Employment Relations Board Issued the Following Order:

"TriMet will also make the bargaining unit employees whole for any losses incurred due to its unlawful conduct, including reimbursing employees for ...contributions toward premium costs they were required to pay; and payment of any medical expenses they incurred because of the unlawful conduct." FULL STORY>>

The Court of Appeals requires mandatory mediation - Many of you were delighted to learn that the Employment Relations Board has ordered TriMet to pay for premium and medical costs employees incurred because of TriM'ets wrongful actions in the time period, January 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012. People are asking when they are going to get paid. The answer is: We do not know when there will be a final decision. Attached is the history of this case. FULL HISTORY>>

Attached please find a police artist sketch of the person of interest in the stabbing of the TriMet bus driver last week. Sketch>>

This month, the Union published an open letter to the public raising concerns about TriMet’s purchase of electronic fare collection system. It questioned whether spending over $20 million on the latest techno gadgetry made sense in light of TriMet’s often stated claim that the agency is in dire financial straits. This “dire” situation is the justification TriMet management has used to cut service, raise fares and to propose deep cuts in workers’ wages and benefits. Read full release>> |Attachment

Late Friday afternoon, July 19th, the Oregon ERB issued its decision in the hotly contested case between Trimet and the transit union over last year's interest arbitration decision. By Saturday, TriMet's highly paid public relations department was churning out claims of victory. "In our opinion," says Union president Bruce Hansen, "this is a good example of TriMet management's belief that people will believe an untruth if it is shouted loud and long enough." You be the judge. Full Press Release>> | Full ERB Decision

“It looks like the same MO is being followed by the same person,” says Amalgamated Transit Union president, Bruce Hansen. He’s talking about TriMet’s executive director of labor relations Randy Stedman and why the Union recently filed an unfair labor practice claim against TriMet. Fashioned as a counterclaim to TriMet’s January complaint against the Union (UP-001-13), the ATU’s counterclaim details the delays in bargaining TriMet has caused since the Union’s April unconditional offer to begin negotiations without the public in attendance. Full Press Release>> | Attached Documents

The Senate voted to approve a bill requiring the Secretary of State to conduct a performance audit of TriMet. We think this is a step in the right direction that will benefit the entire community. Read the Press Release.

A dangerous flood in Calgary has forced about 75,000 residents, including ATU members, out of their homes, transforming many streets into flowing rivers and left the heart of the city largely deserted. We pray for the safety of all our fellow members and citizens in the Calgary area.

While little is known about the damage, many ATU brothers and sisters and their families live in the area and their homes and property may have been destroyed and damaged. We hope to get reports soon.

As ATU members did with the Oklahoma tornados and when any crisis hits, we do what we do every day on the job, in our communities, and in our places of worship...we help out. You can help your brothers and sisters who may have been hurt by these horrible floods by contributing to the ATU Disaster Relief Fund.

Donations can be made online by mailing a check to:

  • Amalgamated Transit Union
 Disaster Relief Fund
  • 5025 Wisconsin, Ave., N.W.
  • Washington, DC 20016
  • Attn: Lawrence J. Hanley

Executive Board Officers' and Full-Time Officers' articles in the July 2013 issue of the Labor Press

ATU's most recent ad addressing TriMet's financial problems garnered some agreement from the Oregonian on Sunday in Janie Har's TriMet budgets $10M for transit police" breakdown.

All members are welcome to attend the ATU 757 Black Caucus meeting which is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th at 4:00 pm at the Union office.

Join ATU 757 in the Sunday, June 16th NW Pride Parade at 11 am. See back of flyer for ATU 757 parade start location.

Rep. Gorsek’s Bill Calls for Audit of TriMet. Oregon Legislature Calling for Comprehensive Audit of TriMet. Read the Press Release>>

Executive Board Officers' articles in the June 2013 issue of the Labor Press

Tomorrow morning, June 8th is the benefit for Doernbecher Children's Hospital starting and finishing at the IBEW Local 48. For more information>>

Bylaws Change Totals Yes 20 No 72 Abstain 6

On June 7th hundreds of members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) will be caravanning from every corner of the country to Bentonville, Arkansas for Walmart's annual shareholders meeting. Rally in support with Walmart Workers!FLYER

Federal judge sanctions TriMet for hiding evidence from victims' families in fatal bus crash

Join your fellow ATU union members and OPAL Portland in attending next Wednesday’s TriMet Board Meeting. The ATU 757 supports OPAL in their effort to create a fair transfer. There will be discussions surrounding the TriMet budget, and I will be speaking before the Board. We urge you to attend and look forward to seeing you there! Event Details.

Listen to ATU 757 President Bruce Hansen be interviewed by Joe Uris on KBOO 90.7 FM Tuesday morning, May 21st, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

Part One | Part Two

Amalgamated Transit Union president, Bruce Hansen, is scratching his head. The reason? TriMet appears to be deliberately delaying negotiations. Full Press Release>> | Attached Correspondence

Deadline for submission of Child/Elder Care receipts is June 14, 2013. POSTING>>

This Union is Still Attempting to Schedule a First Bargaining Session with TriMet.SEE THE UPDATE>>

I recently announced that the Union has retained Ron Heintzman as a consultant to the TriMet contract negotiations. It was a tough decision to make but I, and the other elected TriMet officers, think this is the best approach for ALL of the members. I am and will remain chief negotiator for all contracts, including the TriMet contract. FULL LETTER>>

Recent reporting on the ATU and TriMet ground rule meeting drives home the need to have the meetings public. One respected media outlet reported talks broke down because the Union insisted on having bloggers present. Another respected media outlet quoted TriMet as saying “negotiations cannot begin because the union insists all negotiated agreements will be void if it wins the appeal.” FULL CORRECTION>>

As you know, the Union and TriMet management teams met on April 27, 2013. Attached please find the correspondence between the parties as they attempt to schedule the first bargaining session. CORRESPONDENCE

The Union and TriMet management teams met on April 27, 2013 to guide negotiations between the parties. This effort was not successful. In an effort to insure media access, the Union abandoned its position of allowing bloggers to attend. Full Press Release>>

Saying that “all resources and experiences are necessary” Bruce Hansen, ATU president has called on former ATU 757 president and former ATU International president, Ron Heintzman, to join the Union’s bargaining team. Full Press Release>>

The Union and TriMet will be meeting Saturday, April 27. The meeting is not bargaining but it is for the purpose of seeing whether the parties can agree on ground rules governing bargaining once it begins. TriMet has refused to have any press present at this ground rule meeting. The Union intends to propose that the bargaining sessions be open meetings but is not optimistic that TriMet will agree. READ THE CORRESPONDENCE>>

ATU continues to fight for decent restroom break facilities. Here's the Joseph Rose article on it as well as the Oregonian's editorial.

Attached please read the latest correspondence from ATU 757 to TriMet regarding scheduling negotiations and the media presence. Correspondence.

Latest correspondence between TriMet and the Union regarding scheduling negotiations. Documents>>

Let's get our labor history recorded. It's important - critical, actually - that what we have been through and achieved be known to next generations, so that our values and the lessons of experience are not wasted. This includes, not least, for the sake of our own families. FULL STORY>>

Since November of last year, the transit workers' union and TriMet have been involved in a procedural stand-off over allowing public access to their contract negotiations. Despite having grave concerns, the transit workers' union has concluded that it is in the best interest of the community and its members to begin bargaining while it awaits a judicial determination on whether the negotiations should be open to the public, according to Amalgamated Transit Union president, Bruce Hansen. "We understand that TriMet will continue to refuse to bargain in public. We apologize to the community that these negotiations will not start out transparent." Full Press Release>> | ATU Letter to TM regarding open negotiations

ERB Decision Stating TriMet Must Reimburse for 2011 Health Costs- As you may know, the ERB administrative law judge ruled that TriMet management violated the law when, in 2011, it unilaterally charged union employees for insurance premiums and created a lower benefit plan with a higher deductible for those that did not want to pay the higher premium costs. TriMet management was ordered to reimburse employees for all costs associated with TriMet management’s wrongful act. FULL STORY>>

The transit workers’ union and TriMet sought a fast-track legal determination on whether the public had a right to attend labor negotiations. A judicial opinion, rendered today, indicates that approach failed, says Amalgamated Transit Union president, Bruce Hansen. “Rather than clearing the way for new contract talks to move forward, the judge’s opinion indicates that TriMet’s process for negotiations remains murky and confusing. That confusion left the judge unable to make a decision without first obtaining additional information.”
Full Press Release>> | Judge's Opinion

We need your participation in a work action scheduled for April 4 & 5. We are looking for volunteers to assist us at specific designated locations. This will be a community outreach interaction with our riders. More information to come. If you are interested, please RSVP by Monday March 25th by email to with name and phone number.

Read on for the latest correspondence regarding TriMet's health insurance policy change for disabled employees. Correspondence>>

An internal TriMet document indicates that the elimination of zones pricing and fareless square, as well as last year’s fare increases, were undertaken in order to fund and accommodate a $16 million high-tech fare collection system, says transit workers’ union president, Bruce Hansen. He cites evidence found within the pages of a 64-page document obtained by the Union from an anonymous source. Read the Press Release>>

The transit workers' union president, Bruce Hansen, announced that the Oregon ERB today denied TriMet's Motion to Stay the Board's order in UP 39-10. This case addressed health insurance charges to employees in 2011. The decision means that TriMet must post notices of its illegal actions and reimburse members for health insurance premium contributions and medical expenses while TriMet's appeal is pending. "It is important to remember that the overwhelming evidence in this case proved that TriMet decided to charge employees more for health insurance for the wrong reason. It was not to save money. Instead, the evidence showed it was to punish workers because their union filed a complain charging TriMet with negotiating in bad faith," Hansen said. "The problem is that our justice system suffers when one party to a dispute has the power to punish the people who are objecting to law violations and mistreatment. That is the issue the Board addressed, and correctly, I might add." Read the Board's order>>

Rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Sunday, March 17th 2:00 - 3:30 pm, and march to the Main Post Office. Info here.

Three representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) attended Monday night’s meeting of the transit workers’ union to discuss the findings of last week’s inspection of MAX safety issues. What they had to say was disturbing to the workers in attendance and was not good news for the public in general. More>>

Come out and show your support for affordable housing, equity, Section 8 reform, and Inclusionary Zoning! This OPAL event will take place Thursday, March 14th, 11 am at the capital steps in Salem. We can provide rides to and from Salem, but you must RSVP if you need a ride. RSVP to or call OPAL at 503-342-8910.

Instead of reaching an agreement with its American workforce, Mitsui-United Grain has locked them out of the facility where they've worked for nearly 80 years. This aggressive move against ILWU workers came just days after they voted to approve a collective bargaining agreement with American grain exporter TEMCO.
The ILWU has invted Mitsui-Grain back to the negotiating table. Mitsui-United Grain should follow TEMCO's lead and reach a safe and fair agreement with its workers. Join the rally! Tell Mitsui- United Grain to end the lockout and reach an agreement with the ILWU! Details here.

Unions for Kids 2nd Annual TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENT, hosted by Sheet Metal Workers Local 16 a benefit for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital... Sponsored By: Union Labor Organizations, “The folks who brought you the weekend” and MANY MORE generous friends and neighbors.
WHERE : Local 16 Hall, 2379 NE 178th Ave. Portland, OR 97230
WHAT: Fun Fast Paced Tournament Style Game

Here's the link to the KOIN 6 story that aired last night - KOIN 6 on Max

TriMet workers say that open doors on traveling trains are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to delayed maintenance on what used to be a renowned transit system. Read the Press Release ATU sent out Friday afternoon for more information as well as the attached information.

Documentary videos to be followed by discussion on Saturday, February 23rd from 5:30-7:00 pm at the Letter Carriers - info here.

March & Rally - Sunday, March 17th, 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Anniversary of the Great Postal Strike of 1970) - Info here.

Portland troublemakers- workers, unemployed, retired, foreclosed on, houseless, students, union leaders, and community activists – will participate in a day of skill-building workshops and strategy discussions to create a stronger workers’ movement. Info here.

Yesterday, TriMet issued another press release threatening dire service cuts far into the future. Once again, the agency placed the blame for its projected financial woes on the healthcare and pension costs of its frontline workforce. According to the Amalgamated Transit Union, the TriMet workers’ representative, TriMet’s numbers just aren’t adding up. Read the Press Release ATU sent out for complete details.

The Amalgamated Transit Union wants to set the record straight. For some time now, the Union has not commented on a TriMet misstatement of fact that the media has picked up and reprinted. That statement appeared again in TriMet's Friday night press release. Check out the full text of the Record Correction here and read the backup documentation here.

Today, TriMet management, following two lengthy discussion sessions, accepted the Union’s ten-hour proposal. Read the Press Release ATU sent out this afternoon for more.

Read the Press Release ATU sent out this morning TriMet's New Buses Inherently Dangerous" and the attached correspondence.

This tracking faster is designed to provide you with a brief overview of where things stand as of today with regard to legal and negotiation matters between your Union and Trimet management.

The Union office will be closed for Martin Luther King Day on January 21st, 2013. We will reopen on January 22nd, at 8:30 am.

On Thursday, January 10, 2012 Randy Stedman, TriMet Executive Director of Labor Relations sent a counter proposal to which the Union responded today. The Union’s response focuses on the primary difference between the parties’ two proposals. The Union has proposed that a bus operator work day span no more than 12 hours rather than Trimet's proposed 14 hours, unless there is an emergency. Read the Press Release and the attached documentation.

The PSU studies referenced are available here.

Stating that safety is its greatest concern, the Union has sent TriMet's General Manager a proposed stop-gap solution to the problem of bus operator fatigue. Read the press release and the attached correspondence.

The ATU sent out a Press Release this afternoon Oregonian Article Just the Tip of the Iceberg" in response to the Oregonian's Sunday article on OT at TriMet.

The Oregon Employmen t Relations Board upheld the administrative law judge's rulings against TriMet's management team. The judge determined that TriMet acted for an unlawful retaliatory reason when it froze wages and health insurance premiums in 2010. The Board also found that TriMet had unlawfully changed the health insurance benefit without bargaining, or even communicating with the Union. The Board ordered that each employee be paid for any loss incurred because of TriMet management's wrongful actions. This includes extra costs related to health coverage and procedures. Furthermore, TriMet is required to provide an email notice to each and every TriMet employee. A copy of the decision is found here.

The Union won a duty to provide information unfair labor practice charge against TriMet. The Employment Relations Board chastised TriMet’s general counsel for bringing in extraneous assertions and awarded the Union a civil penalty. ERB has now awarded the union $26,000 for their attorney’s fees in the case. ERB order

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