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COME TO THIS WORKSHOP (a repeat of the August 25 training), based on the popular organizing manual Secrets of a Successful Organizer, where you will learn practical organizing tools for engaging your co-workers, taking action, and getting results.

Facilitated by Mark Brenner, past director of Labor Notes, in collaboration with the Portland DSA Labor group

Lunch will be provided (small donation appreciated)

TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFO: labornotespdx@gmail.com

This training is based on the insights and know-how of generations of organizers, as well as the concrete experiences of people who’ve turned their workplaces around. It’s divided into three parts:

Part One: Beating Apathy

Do you ever feel like your co-workers don’t care? Learn how to diagnose the real problems that keep people paralyzed, and what can move them into action.

Part Two: Assemble Your Dream Team

Your workplace may feel like an unorganized mess, but the truth is you’re not starting from zero. Learn how to map out the existing networks in your workplace, identify the leaders in those networks and then knit them together into an organizing committee.

Part Three: Swing into Action

Everybody has complaints, but an organizer has the skills to turn problems into opportunities. Learn how to sort out the issues you hear from co-workers, recognize the ones that have organizing potential, and bring people together to make an escalating plan to solve the problem.