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From Portland Jobs with Justice:

“Join the Portland Jobs with Justice Faith-Labor and Portland Rising Committees for a panel and discussion on why unions matter to people of faith.

Panel members include:

  • Local worker and union member TBA
  • Rev Andrea Cano
  • Marty Hart-Landsberg, economics professor emeritus, Lewis & Clark College

The last few decades have been marked by aggressive attempts to weaken if not actually destroy labor unions in order to roll back the gains that they have won for their members and the broader community. One consequence of these attacks is that families today are facing a world shaped by diminishing employment opportunities, ever more precarious working conditions, deteriorating social services and growing social divisions.

With national “Right to Work” looming at the federal level, we have never needed to strengthen public understanding of and support for unions more than right now.

Historically, faith leaders and faith communities have played vital roles in important social movements. The same is true today. Pope Francis has called inequality “the root of social evil” and consistently defends workers against a profit-first mentality. Other faith traditions also have strong roots in justice for workers and the rights of families to just living conditions.

Why do unions matter? Why do unions and social justice matter to people of faith? Why should we defend unions from attack? What can faith leaders and faith communities do to help strengthen local labor and social justice movements?

Join us for a panel and discussion of these important questions. Childcare available. Snacks will be served. Please email justin@jwjpdx.org to RSVP.”