ATU Local 757, Portland, OR

All letters of nomination and acceptance for the 2012 Election Committee must be received prior to or made at the March 4th (tentative) Charter meeting. Correspondence should be sent to Evette Farra at the union office or by fax to (503) 230-2589.

Nominations for Union officer positions will be accepted at the Union charter meeting in Portland on Monday, May 20, 2012. The meeting begins at 3:00 pm and will be held at the Machinists' Building, 3645 SE 32nd Avenue in POrtland, Oregon.

The upcoming election for Union officers will be for a term of three years commencing July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2015. The vote count will take place on June 15, 2012. As a reminder, to be eligible to run for Union office, members must have been in good standing with the Union for at least two (2) years as of June 6, 2012.


Evette Farra
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Recording Secretary

Upcoming Meetings: